"Tanya is an excellent personal trainer and a pleasure to work with. She developed a customized program that met my needs very well. Tanya provided lots of encouragement and support. Simultaneously, she challenged me to do more and perform at my best. I looked forward to our workouts every time. In addition, Tanya was very flexible in responding to the needs of my schedule. I highly recommend Tanya!"

JANE WELLS - Change Management, HR Transformation, Talent Development, Organizational Effectiveness

"I really love boot camp class! Tuesday was killer, but so awesome. You are easy to work with, have a wonderfully flexible class schedule and provide a pleasantly intense 30 minutes of non-stop movement."

KERRI VITEK - Kerri Vitek Graphic Design, Stone Ridge, NY

"I have known Tanya for over 15 years both personally and professionally. Her dynamic personality, scholastic accomplishments, and professional experiences culminate to provide an invaluable health/fitness resource. Tanya’s extensive background provides her the ability to work with a wide range of clientele and ensure their goals are achieved. I strongly endorse Tanya and Prescriptive Health."

CLIFF DOOMAN - Director of Olympic Sports Performance at United States Naval Academy

"I highly recommend Tanya to any one seeking a caring intelligent Acupuncturist who is gifted in non-insertive Japanese needling. She was my healer. I could not wait to get home from the hospital to see Tanya with her needles and moxa. She helped me to feel better w/o western medications that I think have serious adverse effects. It is always nice to see her smiling face."

DENISE PATNOD, Licensed Acupuncturist and Pain Specialist

"Tanya and I have shared a professional newsletter for a few years now. Her expertise in personal training and acupuncture are outstanding and her gift of writing allows her knowledge to shine through in ways that all can understand and appreciate. I've also hired Tanya as a trainer for my partner and was duly impressed with her sense of safety through knowledge of alignment, injuries and each client's personal ability. She's a wealth of information and you'll never get bored!"

DIANA CULLUM-DUGAN, Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional